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Laboratory batch dryer

Laboratory batch dryer for a leading raw material producer in India

In February 2019 we were able to...
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Hygienic fiber belt dryer

Hygienic fiber belt dryer shortly before delivery

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New belt dryer order

New belt dryer order from Europe's leading breadcrumb manufacturer

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We love Sheet Metal.

One of our core competencies is the machining of stainless steel sheets with innovative manufacturing techniques such as laser cutting and bending. These computer-supported manufacturing methods enable us to produce high quality, cost reduced components, assemblies, and machines made ​​of stainless steel.

In addition to cutting and creasing, welding of stainless steel sheets is part of our service, too. Whether TIG welding, spot welding, or automatic thin sheet weldings 1-6 mm - with us you get the correct welding procedure for various applications.

Another special stainless steel sheet processing method we provide is clinching (clinching - connection without additional material) and glass bead blasting.

Of course, we can also apply all manufacturing processes on normal steel.

By adjusting existing customer designs to newest possibilites in sheet metal technolgoy we can reduce cost-intensive production hours, resulting in a reduction of the overall production costs.

Maximum manufacturing dimensions:

Laser Cutting

Length up to 4 m, width up to 2 m, thickness max. 20 mm


Length up to 4.000 mm

Stainless steel: Thickness up to 15 mm at a length of 1.000 mm
Carbon steel: Thickness up to 15 mm at a length of 1.500 mm
Minimum and maximum leg lenths depend on the geometry.