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Three belt dryers

for a well-known snack food manufacturer from Germany are ready for dispatch in our workshop.

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22t steel construction

A Great project except of our range of our daily business.
Right in front of the dike in our home on the Wadden Sea our fitters are on duty.

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Tank systems of all kinds

When it comes to container/tank construction, we also deliver custom-made products.

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Again an order is coming to an end.

Three belt dryers for a well-known snack food manufacturer from Germany are ready for dispatch in our workshop.
Up to 550 kg/h of extrudates will be dried on each system in near future.
The systems are fully welded and comply with the hygiene guidelines of the food industry.

Moin Moin!

A Great project except of our range of our daily business.

Right in front of the dike in our home on the Wadden Sea our fitters are on duty.

A movable 22t steel construction as a roofing of a gastronomy business directly on the beach of Dangast. The movement is necessary so that the roof can be pulled out of the danger area when a storm flood is approaching.

We are pleased to be able to attend this project and are stepping on the gas, so that cocktails and drinks can soon be served at the counter.


Are you looking for tank systems of all kinds?

When it comes to container/tank construction, we also deliver custom-made products. We build stainless steel tanks according to your specifications, but we are also happy to assist you in the design and construction phase.

Something from our company history!

Photo: In use in South Africa (1958): four double-lane redrying (Fermentation) plants type RBC 14

After the phase of repair work and supply services as a result of the war damage, the specialization of tobacco machines, in particular of tobacco processing machines, has been intensified. In addition, the peat division experienced another boom, which lasted until 1965. In 1952 the company had around 300 employees again, 75% of the total production went abroad.

A highlight for the city of Varel was the first connection of a teleprinter (Telex), which was installed in the offices in 1955.

Machines and systems must be set up or maintained even in times of a pandemic. And that worldwide.

This was not a small challenge for mechanical and plant engineering, but was successfully “mastered”. And that to the satisfaction of the customer, fitter and company.

Our preparation machines for parsley and other suitable herbs and leafy vegetables.

This plant it´s now on his way to France!

The capacity of the preparation line is up to 3.000 kg/h at parsley at a loose filling bulk density of 50 kg/m³.

The machines can be used for other suitable leafy vegetables or herbs.

  • Buffer and dosing plant
  • Stone discharge belt
  • Cutting machine
  • Connection conveyor belt
  • Sorting machine
  • Cross conveyor belt
  • Collecting conveyor belt
  • Stem discharging screw
  • Return conveyor belt
  • Bypass conveyor belt
  • Electrical control cabinet

Laboratory batch dryer for a leading raw material producer in India

In February 2019, we will be able to deliver our proven laboratory batch dryer in its latest version at one of the most important oil processing companies in India. The customer uses the laboratory dryer to develop new products and build a new product line.

Hygienic fiber belt dryer shortly before delivery

In the fall of 2018, our sales team signed a contract with one of the largest fiber manufacturers in China for the supply of a sanitary belt dryer. The delivery will start in a few weeks


New belt dryer order from Europe's leading breadcrumb manufacturer

Successful: Europe's leading manufacturer of breadcrumbs, breading and baking doughs has selected us as the supplier of a belt dryer for its new production line. We look forward to completing the facility by the end of 2019.


14.12.2017: Faro measuring arm

With the Faro Quantum S we have extended our quality assurance. Thanks to its extra-wide scanning strip and its high frame rate, we can now also capture complicated components up to 2.5 m in three-dimensional space.

With the offset function even larger components can be measured. And with a weight of 485 g it is mobile.

19.06.2017: New 5-axis machining center

We have commissioned a new Hedelius RS605 K20 milling machine with Magnum magazine - a combined 3 and 5 axis machining center with fixed machine table and turntable.

The standby Magnum magazine allows up to 190 tools to be picked up and handed over fully automatically. This eliminates manual search and set-up times. And with a table load of 1000 kg, the machine is also very resilient.

14.01.2015 - Intelligent CNC turning center put into operation.

We have successfully commissioned our new Mazak CNC turning center. At this turning center we can machine parts up to a diameter of 420 mm and a length of 1,250 mm. With the intelligent Mazatrol Smart controller, we are now able to manufacture your components with greater precision and productivity.

In addition, the machine is suitable for a wide variety of machining tasks - from face milling to end milling and drilling at high speeds.

30.07.2014 - Successful re-certification of the management system

The management system of Theilen Maschinenbau has been successfully re-certified by TÜV Nord in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008.

Also, the scope could be extended to:

Planning, development, construction, production, service, assembly and commissioning - of drying and heat treatment plants - of equipment, machinery and components for high demands of the food and luxury food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as for the construction of special machines.

06.03.2014 - Entrepreneur Award for Theilen Maschinenbau

Entrepreneurial thinking and commitment to society and the region was rewarded at this year's event "Position 2014":

Theilen Maschinenbau was awarded the Entrepreneur Award of the General Business Association Wilhelmshaven and the other economic organizations of the Jade Region.

The courage to prevent a relocation abroad through a management buy-out and the modernization of production were the reasons that convinced the jury of the economic region.

In addition to this successful turnaround, it is above all the special commitment of Theile Maschinenbau as an exemplary training company that has named our company the winner of this year's Entrepreneur Award.

07.01.2014 - New deburring machine

Just in time for the start 2014, our new investment in surface technology was put into operation.

With a modern deburring machine of Weber with a working width of 1,350 mm, we can now deburr, chamfer, descale, and surface grinde sheet metal and sheet metal parts up to a thickness of 100 mm. Now, also drilled holes, clearance holes and other hard-to-reach places can be perfectly machined. For a perfect finish.

20.11.2013 - New machining center

To expand our capabilities in the area of ​​machining, we have expanded our machine park with a CNC universal bed milling and boring center with 5 axis machining of Bimatec Soraluce.

With a traverse path of 3,500 x 1,250 x 1,000 mm, we can now machine even larger components.


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