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Three belt dryers

for a well-known snack food manufacturer from Germany are ready for dispatch in our workshop.

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22t steel construction

A Great project except of our range of our daily business.
Right in front of the dike in our home on the Wadden Sea our fitters are on duty.

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Tank systems of all kinds

When it comes to container/tank construction, we also deliver custom-made products.

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Belt Drying Systems from Theilen Maschinenbau.

For continuous drying of bulk materials such as

 - briquetted, pelleted, extruded, pieces formed or granulated products
 - pastes, molding compounds, rubber, superabsorbent polymers, stearates and catalysts
 - cutting goods, moldings, cereals, vegetables or bread crumbs

belt dryers in air recirculation mode have been the first choice for decades. The air, transferring the energy and absorbing the moisture, can act on the large surface of many individual particles in the product layer, and the moisture must pass through only short distances.

The THEILEN Maschinenbau GmbH has an over 50 years experience in engineering, manufacturing, and worldwide installation of belt drying systems for various applications.

With the process engineering know-how, qualified personnel and investment in a modern pilot plant as well as new manufacturing technologies the THEILEN Maschinenbau GmbH has the unique ability to offer the entire value chain for belt drying systems from one hand.

Our own production is closely connected to the in-house design that works with the latest 3D software. Hence, we can can produce in line with the market conditions and cost-effectively in Germany.