Comporate Movie

Three belt dryers

for a well-known snack food manufacturer from Germany are ready for dispatch in our workshop.

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22t steel construction

A Great project except of our range of our daily business.
Right in front of the dike in our home on the Wadden Sea our fitters are on duty.

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Tank systems of all kinds

When it comes to container/tank construction, we also deliver custom-made products.

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We develop solutions with added value.

High durability, reliability and efficiency begins in our development and design department.

With the help of modern computer technology and high-performance CAD systems, we are able to construct custom machines and systems.

Of course, we also optimize your existing constructions to the latest manufacturing processes to reduce the variety of materials and reduce waste. This way we can shorten the production cycle, accelerate the installation and commissioning, and thereby reduce production costs.

We work with SolidWorks and all major 2D and 3D file formats.