Comporate Movie

Three belt dryers

for a well-known snack food manufacturer from Germany are ready for dispatch in our workshop.

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22t steel construction

A Great project except of our range of our daily business.
Right in front of the dike in our home on the Wadden Sea our fitters are on duty.

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Tank systems of all kinds

When it comes to container/tank construction, we also deliver custom-made products.

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Design, refine and protect surfaces: The perfect Finish.

In surface technology, we can offer you a diverse range of surface finishing.

Next to the grinding on a belt grinding machine from “Kuhlmeyer”, we can deburr and round out your parts with machines from “Lismac” or “Weber”, and give them the desired surface structure.

In the stainless steel area, we can even remove tarnish of  large components in our spacious glass bead blasting booth.

In addition, we may treat your components for various applications with fine grindling and polishing to receive a surface roughness of less than 0.1 microns.

Our service does also include galvanizing, hot-dip-galvanizing, anodizing and chroming.

More over are we equipped with our own steel bead blasting machine and an in-house paint shop.